Iron-On Transfer Pen - Red

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All skill levels will enjoy using Sulky Iron-On Transfer Pens to easily transfer designs onto fabric, canvas, wood, stabilizers, or just about any surface where a hot iron can be used. Make a permanent, non-bleeding transfer using any kind of paper. Just trace, draw and then iron. Ink glides on like a marker. Transfer 3-5 times with one application. Made in USA! Easy to follow instructions - Package contains 1 iron-on transfer pen.

This is a water-based formulation that is contained in the pen. After heat-setting and transferring the ink is permanent. The pens will retain their vibrancy on poly/cotton blends through endless washings.  On 100% cotton fabric, they may lighten some with washings but will not ever completely disappear. So be sure you plan on covering up the transferred design completely with your embroidery!

Works best on light or pastel colored poly-cotton blends but has been shown to show up well enough on dark fabrics too (test a small area first if using dark fabrics to make sure the transfer is visible enough for you). Make multiple transfers from one inking. The hotter the iron and/or the longer the iron is applied, the fewer the applications but the bolder the transfer. Numerous light transfers (perfect for further embellishing) can be achieved by applying a hot dry iron for only 3 to 5 seconds each time. When transfer image becomes too light for your use, re-ink the drawing and use again. You can transfer a design onto most any surface where a hot, dry iron can be used. Trace or draw any design onto plain paper.

Uses include:

  • Fabric Painting
  • Transferring Drawings to T-Shirts (can be used multiple times without re-inking)
  • Needlepunch
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Appliqué
  • Tole Painting
  • Cut-work or 3-D Work
  • Shaded Heat Transfers
  • Labels for Quilts and Clothing
  • Original Artwork