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Aunt Martha's Ballpoint Embroidery Paint

Often referred to as Liquid Embroidery, ballpoint tube paint can be used as an alternative to stitching to draw a fine-line that mimics the look of natural embroidery on fabric.  It is easy to use and will save you hours of work from typical "needle and thread" stitching projects.  Works similar to a ballpoint pen.  Paint dries permanent and is machine washable.  Use on fabric, paper, wood, and more.

Oil-based Ballpoint Tube Paint

1 (one) ounce aluminum tubes, capped with a self-sealing nylon ballpoint tip, contains paint that is lead-free, nontoxic, permanent, washable and dry-cleanable.  Tip may be replaced or removed to use with a paint brush.  Made in USA.

Ballpoint Embroidery Paint

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