Vogart #276 Amusing Colorful "Eye Catchers" for the Kitchen

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Vogart Hand Stitch Iron-on Embroidery Transfer Pattern

#276 Amusing Colorful "Eye Catchers" for the Kitchen

You will love embroidering and showing off these amusing kitchen towels and pot holders, or making them for delightful shower gifts any bride will treasure! They make dish drying almost fun and add color to the smartest modern kitchens. Use them on aprons too! SUGGESTED MATERIALS: Cotton kitchen towels come with vintage striped borders or in plain flour sack squares. Choose one to blend with your color scheme. Aprons and pot holders can be a solid color cotton, or made of the toweling, adding gay apron strings and pockets. COLORS: The brighter the colors the better! A delightful suggestion is shown on the cover artwork, or you may enjoy working out your own tasteful combinations to match your room color scheme. Use 6-strand cotton embroidery floss.

Features 9 designs... (Quick as a Rabbit, Sly as a Fox, Strong as a Lion, Cute as a Kitten, Stubborn as a Mule, Quiet as a Mouse, Hungry as a Bear, Wise as an Owl, and Busy as a Bee).

Pattern is printed with a single-color heat transfer ink on a GIANT 18x28 inch sheet of paper.  Transfer with your iron, stitch, and enjoy! Original retail envelope NOT included.

Decorate quilt blocks, towels, grocery bags, produce bags, napkins, aprons, toaster covers, bibs, pillows, bedroom linens, needlepoint canvas, tablecloths, fabric, and more.