Spray and Fix Paper Pattern Adhesive #808

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We finally have a solution for all of your iron-on transfer pattern woes!!

The best temporary adhesive for paper iron-on transfer patterns. Eliminates pinning, taping, and slipping.

Just spray one side of your paper pattern, position the pattern in your desired location on fabric, then use a hot iron to transfer your pattern. The heat activates the adhesive to keep it in place while you are ironing on your transfer. Your transfer pattern WILL NOT MOVE and you will get a PERFECT transfer every time!!! Simply peel off the pattern from your fabric when finished.

This can be repeated 3-4 times before you will need to spray the pattern again. If re-positioning just use a warm iron to reactivate the adhesive once the pattern is placed in a new location. Dries in 5 minutes so patterns can be stored for future use.

Does not gum needles or scissors. The glue will not transfer onto your fabric and is acid free so it will not harm or discolor fabric.

Also works great as a light weight fusible bonding spray on fabric. Try it on raw edge appliqué that you are going to sew down. A warm iron makes an even bond that holds till you sew it. Great for appliqué, toy, dress and fashion patterns too.

8.5 fl. oz. Can

Odif® 808 is the new re-branded version of Odif® 202 (they are the same product).