Retro Multi-Stripe Towels (2nd Quality Pack of 10)

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Retro Multi-Stripe Dishtowels

Pack of 10

2nd quality towels might have minor blemishes such as mis-colored threads, light surface dust, light pencil markings, wrinkled, or be slightly mis-shapen. The surface blemishes should wash out and the majority of the towels in each pack should be free from any defects whatsoever. These will just need extra care, washing, or ironing.

Most of these came from broken inner packs, or faulty retail packaging. We simply do not have the manpower to sort through them and re-package. Our loss is your gain!

Made from a 100% plain-woven cotton with a 4-sided hem and a hanger loop sewn in the corner.  Stripes run along the long side of towel. Towel measures 18x28 inches. Wash in cold water; dry on low heat; some shrinkage will occur.

Perfect for silkscreen and hand or machine embroidery.  Looks great in any retro or modern kitchen.  Ideal for restaurant table settings too!